1. - Extremely high threat-transfer capabilities via Tricks of the Trade + burst CDs. When a Rogue is bursting with say, Killing Spree, Hunters aren't capable of comparable threat transfer unless they use Readiness for a second MD.

    - The ability to glyph TotT to increase its threat transferring potency by 66%.

    - Very powerful AoE threat transfer, once again surpassing that of a Hunter.

    - Powerful sustained AoE and ludicrously overpowered burst AoE.

    - +4% Physical Damage debuff.

    - Instant application of the -20% Armor debuff (whereas a Warriors have to stack Sunder Armour to 5 stacks).

    - The ability to Vanish + Cheap Shot and land a substantial 4 second stun that doesn't DR with other stuns.

    These are some of a Combat Rogue's notable advantages that see a lot of use on LK and RS 25hc.

  2. May 2, 2018  
    I then guess that rogue was broken 6 years ago on Deathwing, Molten-Wow. However, thank you for the information - happy when I learn something.

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