1. Questions regarding Transmog in Lordaeron

    So I play on lordaeron as a plate class, and currently Ive got some scrolls of deception and wanna do some transmogs,

    So my question is, can I transmog other types of equipment into my plate items? like mail>plate or leather>plater, or is it restricted to plate>plate?

    And what about weapons? can I transmog axes and maces into my sword? or vice versa


  2. it is restricted to plate>plate.

    About weapon:

    1H Sword <> 1H Axe <> 1H Mace
    2H Sword <> 2H Axe <> 2H Mace

    Polearm <> Staff

    Bow <> Gun <> Crossbow

    Daggers <> Daggers
    Fist weapons <> fist weapons
    Wands <> Wands
    Shields <> Shields

    Source: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=342913 ( open spoiler)

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