1. Looking for advice!

    Hello there, so this is my mage: http://armory.warmane.com/character/...ecrown/summary
    Should I change my gems/enchants and respec to ttw fire with my current gear?
    Most guides and debates at topics suggest so, but my arcane spec really pulls big numbers during heroism and CDs (like 14k dps at voa25).
    I 'm kind of lost, so your opinion/advice is more than welcome!

    PS: self buffed stats with current gear and arcane spec are;
    14.87% hit, 819(24.98%) haste, 38.08% crit, 2829 sp up to 4,5k with procs.
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  2. With fire spec its all about critical raiting. With my buffs only ( molten shield and arcane intelect ) I have 48.7% crit with fire spells. And it works pretty well for me, I can pull 12-15k dps in icc depending if its 10 man or 25 man and wether I have other buffs (boomkin or ele shaman, and demo warlock). I wouldnt go fire spec if your critical chance in fire spec, with your buffs only, is under 45%. But really make fire spec with current stats and gems, and just test it yourself.
    Also dps and damage done isnt same, I noticed that as arcane I am doing almost 2k dps more than some other player (DK for example), but when I take a look on damage done on my recount for a current fight, I end up being 2-3 places under him. So 14k dps as arcane isnt the same as 14k dps as fire ,or some other class, compare Damage done in arcane spec with damage done in fire spec and see for yourself. This thing about dps and damage done could be just me I dont know for sure , but its worth checking out if you arent lazy.

  3. Yeah I got to check out the stats on ttw spec and calculate the differences between the different yellow gems.
    Uhm, about dmg and dps, im usually one of the top 3 dps during heroism and CDs with around 12-14k dps (depending on raid comp and buffs), and usually between the top 5 if the fight lasts more and I keep my usual non-CDs/Procs rotation, with about 9-rougly 10k dps, all that at 25man raids that I have 100% uptime (eg VOA).

    Guess I'll have to try things out
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