1. Mages in PVP

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to this private server. I got 2 questions!

    1. Which server/expansion do you think is best for mages to dominate in? I'm guessing frost mages are more viable for pvp? TBC(2.4.3) or WOTLK? for duels (1v1) and arena mainly.

    2. Is it true that frost mages would be one of the more forgiving class for pvp? Considering a latency of about 110ms?

    Thanks for your input!

  2. If your latency is bad then don't go mage imo.

    In terms of most OP, it is impossible to say for frost mages are on the top in both Wotlk and TBC. Same with Arcane.
    Fire is far better in Wotlk.

    So go with the expansion you like most.

  3. Mages perform very well in both xpacs but they are definitely stronger in TBC.
    While other classes lack fundamental abilitys until wotlk, Fmages already have them in TBC.
    They already have double ice block, Icy veins, Ice barrier and water elemental, only missing deep freeze.
    In comparison, Spriest doesn't have Dispersion, Ele shami doesn't have lava burst nor thunderstorm and hunter doesn't have detternece nor disengage.

    So in TBC Fmages bring already everything to the table and the same applies to Rdudu and Rog, giving these classes a advantage over others.

  4. Let me summarize this easily TLDR;


    With the right setup gear wise Frost mages are one of strongest classes in tbc.
    Despite not having deep freeze you can defeat most classes with basic skills apart warlocks. Warlocks are still doable with high level of spell penetration.
    You can ever wear shadow resistance gear to counter the warlocks ( Black Temple shadow resist gear) paired with mage armor and undead racial plus some resistance enchants and you can reach 90-100 spell penetration easily.

    Versus Melee you are God,and even versus rogues who don't play properly you will annhilate them easily.

    The mage pairs extremely well with rogues in TBC and with disc priests/partially rshaman/rdruids.
    Everything else in 2svs2 is subpar to comps above.
    They also shine when they use/abuse properly imp blizzard for 75% snare effect.


    In Wotlk mages are really good class but they require somewhat more skill cap then tbc and gives the scaling of pve gear you will have alot of issues with warlocks/hunters/shadowmourne users if you are not extremely potent with your class.
    The main difference between wotlk and tbc is that in wotlk alot of classes gain extra utility and defence so you might face some troubles.
    The biggest plus to Wotlk is deep freeze stun which is really useful to combine prolonged cc.

    You can also check my frost mage guide for wotlk http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=189465 which cointains all the info you might require for wotlk pvp section.

    Overall after playing wotlk for several years I find that tbc is extremly refreshing , despite being somewhat simpler it still has some perks and pve gear does not suffer (at least not in that major case except rogue wise) from major scaling.

  5. May 9, 2018  
    Mages are the single most strongest class of wotlk, anyone saying otherwise have no idea what they are saying.
    Fire is great for dueling, but frost is better for arena.
    Highest learning curve so you cant really faceroll a mage, and that latency will limit you ****less

  6. May 20, 2018  
    Wotlk: In addition to annoying warlocks you have to deal with equally annoying DKs (applies to both duels and arenas). You can't actually kite a warrior, 12 second combat charge WITH intercept, baldestorm and ice block dispel together with shadowmourne makes them annoying too. You got deep freeze and frost fingers which allow you to crit more often or get that sheep without wasting CS.

    TBC: You don't crit as often, but when you do, your on demand shatter takes easily 50-60% hp of any target except warlock. Mage burst dmg scaling with SWP PvE gear is excellent. Don't forget skull of guldan, but I've seen some mages prefering SP over haste because when u get that one shatter off it's insane. RMP/RMD is much stronger in TBC. No wizard cleaves. In 2v2 I think shadow/mage is best mage comp and probably stronger in TBC than Wotlk or at least easier to play.

  7. May 20, 2018  
    Mages are the single most strongest class of wotlk
    One class that completely countered by cheap potion everyone is spamming everywhere except arena.

  8. May 30, 2018  
    My completely gullible friend, reset. It works wonders.

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