1. Future of Frostwolf

    We miss Garrosh HC and a fully working legendary questlone but besides that we are pretty much at the end of MoP for quiet some time now and the player base keeps shrinking. I don‘t really feel the WoW factor when I stand alone in the auction house.

    Could the staff tell us what they have in mind with this realm? Maybe promoting it more or even switching to the next expansion?!

    I don’t know about you guys but I would love to see some change:)

  2. Current state of Neltharion = the future of Frostwolf
    slowly (or no?) but surely
    few fixed quests/npc abilities per month will NOT change anything
    Only major fixes along with characters wipe will bring the players back.
    Fresh start on working core > xx bis characters and nothing to aim for
    just personal opinion
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  3. As a Veteran Cataclysm/Neltharion player I can say: Just accept the fact that Warmane is focusing on TBC and WOTLK. Asking for a wipe/refund/advertisement/fixes won't do anything. Enjoy the realm while you still can because 1000+ on peak is still a lot for a private server. Making these kind of threads will only make people not want to join or even leave the realm.

  4. Asking for a wipe/fixes won't do anything.
    Are you sure about that? For 3 years on same expansion(season gear, doesn't matter if it's mop, cataclysm or wotlk) you can pretty much level/gear each class 10 times on current rates = main problem for new players - high requirements for everything and zero low ilvl raids, because all of players who still play are either dedicated to pvp only or have tons of bis pve characters. Combine this problem with issues (pvp wise) nobody talk about caused by the "anti-cheat" where you literally get cc behind pillar edges/out of ability range or players move like they have speed hack and the outcome is zero interest from new player pov.
    Fixes > tests and improvements for few months > characters wipe
    After all this is game and you should enjoy playing it, not your bis, but lonely character in durotar, surrounded by couple mature swines and zero players. And wipe doesn't necessarily means mounts and so, but gear/professions/achievements.
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  5. A wipe and fresh start doesn't neccesary mean that more ppl would join the realm.
    Much rather the opposite gonna be the case. The veterans that play here for a long time and farmed their BiS gear will probably never return when they have to start from scratch again.
    I for one still do BGs on FW from time to time even though i'm BiS. When they wipe everything I'll quit MoP.
    Why would I want to play again from scratch on the same old buggy core?

  6. Start making weekly 3v3 torneys?, People on realm start playing RBGs and more arenas?, the only fun thing in MoP are arenas and RBGs but ppl on this server tend to just play BGs and not much more.

    Maybe add abit of the old Arena-Tornament function where you can go to a npc to spectate games and see how active the ques are,?

    Maybe even increase the conquest reward from arenas and increase the maximum conquest cap/weekly for less farming and more arena play/pushing. Since many people stop playing becouse of the farming and the lack of teams above 1600 makes it hard to actually progress. (even double the points for 3v3 play, and for exaple put the current weekly 400cq point extra cap from RBGs and place it on the 3v3 bracket instead?,)

    Say you play 2v2 for 3500cq point cap/week, that will give you 1 main set piece and 1 offset piece each week.
    Then for an extra 1125 cq points you have to play 3v3 (that will give you the points for 1/2 main piece, giving you 1 piece extra/2 weeks)
    And if you even wanna add up to that you can have extra cappoint for RBGs

    This will give you a whole set in roughly in five weeks exlcuding weapons, 6 weeks with weapons (if you win all the games for max cap that will say)

    Today for a whole set it takes about 14 weeks for full set without weapons and, 15 weeks with weapons.

    With that info i bet alot of people feel more hopeless about the wasted time farming. To be honest the gear in MoP isnt really defying the caracter so giving it faster to players won't do any harm, quite the opposite. The titles and achievements have more weight to it, maybe even exclusive transmog.

  7. I doubt a wipe would do anything but scaring away the current player base. I don't even understand where you are coming from. Why would a wipe do anything positive? What mop needs is marketing. It's lacking a lot in the pve department, but seems good when it comes to classes and pvp. Why not market it as a pvp realm? Keep fixing classes and add soloq (maybe?). If you think the player base is just too geared to enjoy the game, add upgrades for prideful (and increase base resil & battle fatique). This will surely keep them busy for months.

  8. I would prefere seeing Garosh in HC, finishing the legendary quest line auf after upgrading to the next expansion.

    Over 3 years in the same expansion, it is time for sth new!

  9. Thumbs up for the Solo Q skirmish option

  10. Start making weekly 3v3 torneys?
    Guess what ? We did host player sponsored 3v3 events. And guess what ? 1 or 2 teams showed any interest outside of our guild.

    Conclusion - The playerbase is ultra casual and would rather spam bg's all day than show any interest in 3s cuz you either face total noobs or glads so either you faceroll or get curbstomped. Afaik about RBG's, most PvP guilds lack active players to make a decent team.

  11. Future of Frostwolf = Cata(Neltharion) The End. You must be new here lol, cuz i doubt any veteran would even dare to ask such a ridiculous question on warmane by now.
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  12. Future of Frostwolf = Cata(Neltharion) The End. You must be new here lol, cuz i doubt any veteran would even dare to ask such a ridiculous question on warmane by now.
    Just go away. Hard to think of anything sadder than someone taking the time to make posts on the forum of what he claims is a dead server.

    Looking at your posting history, that's basically all you've ever posted- negative crap on the Neltharion and Frostwolf forums. Why you still have posting privileges is not clear to me.

  13. Join date: January 31, 2011, I'm playing here for quiet some time now ;)

    I was also hoping someone from the staff would give us some insight what they are planing with the server.

  14. I was also hoping someone from the staff would give us some insight what they are planing with the server.
    It's called a devlog. Read it.


    And as far as your suggestion about moving to the "next expansion," namely that piece of garbage known as Warlords of Draenor, it's the least popular expansion in WoW history for a reason. There are a lot of us who love MoP and would hate to see it go away. If you're not one of them, then go play somewhere else. This is a MoP server.
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  15. I think as stated above the biggest problem is marketing and many people actualy not knowing that there is mop server that is actualy decent. So many people from retail just have tears in their eyes when they remind themselves how fun pvp in mop was. I have geared characters and stuff on wotlk but I keep playing mop as my main one. PVP from wotlk with pal/shadowmourne is not for me. The amount of skills that added so much dynamic to the game in cata/mop makes it fun for me. Maybe wotlk became too dull for me after so many years. I will for sure miss this place. I wish to have some magic wand and give +2k people to this server :/

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