1. I got trouble tanking ICC

    I've made myself a prot. warriror and decided to try tanking.
    So far i've tanked Naxxramas, Toc, Ulduar with no problem whatsoever.
    Recently i tried to tank icc 25 and i got oneshoted by lord marrowgar even though i had main tank right beside me i still get oneshoted.
    The question is at what gs. i can start tanking Icc 25, since now im at 5,4k gs.

  2. You should provide an armory link of your warrior so we can check if there's any glaring issues in your itemization and talents. Generally, as a warrior tank, going from 10 man to 25 man content will feel significantly more rough than on other tanks because warrior tanks scale worse into harder content. You'll want at least 5.7k gs of the best EH gear you can get your hands on.

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