1. How to make DBM work on Warmane

    Most of you know the problems with DBM on warmane TBC server, like Maiden doesn't work correctly, gruul doesn't as well, NB not working either. I'm just thinking that someone managed to find a solution he can share with us all.

    Has anyone managed to make it work right?
    Do you use something else that has no problems on warmane?

  2. I prefer to use Big Wigs, but this is taken from the original addon's' README:

    Q. Why are some timers off? I seem to have timers like Maiden of Virtue Repentance innacurate.
    A. A lot of bosses have what we call 'Cooldown Abilities', what we are timing is the cooldown of the ability,
    so the boss can use the ability any time after the cooldown is over

    Q. Is there an easy way to recognise these cooldowns?
    A. Usually we use a '~' on front of timers that are not exact(approximations), or we will specify its a cooldown
    in the bar/warning"

    You'll never get perfect times on a lot of spell, but there are a few projects to try to update these timers. If you know about coding in Lua and have the time/effort to figure out what the timers should be you can get closer to correct timers but never perfect.

    TL;DR -> repentance is CD based and no the timers on warmane are different than retail

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