1. Enhanc Shaman - What to do in 5v5 arena?

    Most of the time i'm with a team of ppl above 3k gs: 4x dps and 1 healer.
    Every match all in the enemy team try to kill me first, and our healer can't manage the dps i receive, so i'm dead in like 10 sec.

    I try to pop shamanistic rage or gift of the naaru at the beginning but it doesnt help too much

    No matter if i try to stay behind, rogue/warrior/mage goes at me and i'm stuck in place and cced.

    I have 3.3k gs and 280 resilience maybe its a problem, i'll try to get it higher.

    But not speaking about how many resilience I got, what is the best tactic for 5v5 as ench shaman?

  2. U need more resilience and a setup of 3 dps and 2 healer.

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