1. Enh Shaman WotLK

    I was curious if anyone knew if it was at all possible to use a 2h in BGS only like TBC and kill? What would I need to stack tho? Armour Pen? I have 5.8 GS and Wrathful Axe. like 5500 Atk Pwr . Arm Pen is approx 260 I think. If anyone feels like responding thank you. * it is just for ghits and shiggles*

  2. Its possible but not really viable.
    I would stack as much arp as possible and use STS and DBW as trinkets.
    Against low resilience opponents WF should deal some nice dmg but the burst is probably still much lower than of a ret paly or arms warr.
    Edited: April 26, 2018

  3. ofcourse its possible in bgs, anything is possible there, on a side note 2h enhance is viable in arena if you can get enough arp/crit, its just alittle bit weaker than 1h

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