1. Icecrown : Horde players considering starting up South African anchored guild

    Hi all

    As per title we are a couple of South African players considering starting up a progressive raiding guild for mainly South African players and international players who would fit our times. We will have a very skilled and knowledgeable raid leader who can also Main Tank.

    I think the main reason behind us considering this is the lack of care or consideration for new players and the lack of effort made to help newer players see end game content my self included.

    Raid times will most likely be 5pm ST or 19h00 local time.

    Putting this out there to see if there is anyone else in the same boat who does not have 6k + gear score and would like to be apart of a team that is helpful and giving of time. We may have to set up some min req or decide to wait for people to level or help with Heroic Dung to get people geared but we will get to see all that WOTLK has to offer as a team.

    Let me know your thoughts and if you keen to join so we can see if we can get this ball rolling.



  2. May 2, 2018  
    Hi :)

    Im a new player, from South Africa. A budd and I are looking for a private realm to join and were hoping to find one with an SA guild.

    Would it be cool if we joined you guys?

    Probably not going to raid hardcore or anything for the foreseeable future, but maybe dungeons and just having fun.
    Were both based in Durban, if that has any implication.

    Im currently deciding weather to roll a Shaman, Warrior, Warlock or Hunter. What would you guys always like an extra of?

    My budd is far more casual and probably will just play whatever.

    Hope to meet you guys soon


  3. May 2, 2018  

    Hey Mango

    Shammy is a good choice for late game as BL is always in high demand for most raids but feel free to choose the class of your liking as the Last thing I want to do is force someone into a class they will sloth through and have no fun!

    The Guild is still in planning stage but we will be more than happy to swing an invite to you and your pal. I'm a Durbanite too !

    Even if we get a decent bunch of oaks to run 10 mans weekly we will make progress as I mentioned in the original post we will have a raid leader with a wealth of knowledge and a huge respect for newer players that he can help skill.

    Anyway look forward to chatting more in game hit me up on Wernabob , Wernapal or Wernadudu

  4. May 3, 2019  
    Hi, I am a South African, also looking for a SA guild. I know there are a few South African's scattered across warmane. Maybe we can try get them into one guild. I have a 5.9k hunter and a 5.8k fury warrior. Names; Bllazing and Blazedza. faction: horde

  5. May 3, 2019  
    Such a shame, really, that you're all horde :') Myself and 2 friends are Alliance; haven't been really active until recently again.

    Good luck with the guild, though - one can simply admire the nobility of your cause.

  6. May 3, 2019  
    You can faction change with Vote Points :P

  7. May 14, 2019  

  8. May 18, 2019  

    I play a DK Tank on Ally and would like to level up my Resto Shamy on Horde currenly level 42 I can always faction change the Ally toon mail my Shamy ingame when you guys are ready to setup the guild.


  9. May 22, 2019  
    I play retail WoW, but am starting a char on Icecrown server. Who can i /w ingame to get an invite to the guild?

  10. May 25, 2019  

  11. July 2, 2019  
    The biggest problem so far that i have seen why S.a guilds dont last is the "Afrikaanse common" factor in them.iv been around here since 2010 pre moltdown and i have seen many people trying what your trying to do.My advise is weed out the trash asap if you do make the guild,its easy to weed them out they tend to show there "anderkant die treinspoor" mentality fast.

  12. Is this guild still happening? I also have 2 players

  13. 2 Weeks Ago  
    Started playing a week ago and on lvl 80 now. So my Brothers Kid started a guild, we all from Cape Town. Wisper me if you want to join. Note guild is not only for SA people. /w Darkbladeza

  14. 1 Week Ago  
    This sounds awesome.
    I am currently playing on another server, and have multiple bis toons, but the server is kinda dying and i'm going to switch to warmane.
    I am from CPT, and would like to play with you guys. Also a few of my friends from that server is also joining warmane so we will join u guys. Do you perhaps have a discord server you are using for the guild?

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