1. May 1, 2018  

    LF Addon to track WF Totem buff

    Hey as the title says, im looking for an addon that tracks the duration left on my WF totem buff, it would make it alot easier to totem twist not having to glance at my buffs in the top right.
    I have tried to add the buff in both MPOWA and BuffFilter but no success. Im not sure what to type in the "exact name of buff/debuff" box to make it track.
    or is there an easier way to track totemtwist?

    Buff I want to track: https://i.imgur.com/GLuFzxw.png

  2. May 19, 2018  
    I use totem timer and I use the timer with the seconds so I can see when I use Agility totem that when I reach 1m50 sec of totem that WF will fade ( bcoz WF buff lasts 10 sec ) then I TT.

    Here on this screenshot you can see what I mean

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