Iīm not an intensive addon user; Decursive for obvious reasons and recount to know how Iīm doing either healing or DPSīing, thatīs all, but I cant make them work.

I have downloaded and tried the different links stickied in the addon section, but noone of them works properly.

Recount: It just crashes. Sometimes without touching it, and every single time I hit reset data. I just stops working and shows nothing. Then, when I almost forgot that I have it installed, it works again for a brief time.

Decursive: The most problematic as a priest...

- Sometimes bugs and shows me the buffs of the party as things to decurse. For example asks me to remove the holy shield buff of the palatank, or the renew hot I just put on him.
- Sometimes it just donīt makes the audio warning of a debuff to decurse. If I mouseover on the square for the partymember, then the debuff shows and I am able to remove it, but until then, the square shows nothing and there is no warning.
- Sometimes, I decurse a thing, but the square keeps showing it. If I mouseover it, then it dissapears, but until then, it keeps incorrectly showing.
- Sometimes ( most of the time ) it just donīt works and people shouts at me, specially at raids.

As far as I remeber this addons didnīt needed any special setting, in retail they worked perfectly for me just after installing.

What can i do? is there a fixing macro? Someone knows an stable and working version? Is there a working and stable option for the same functions?