1. May 4, 2018  

    <The Arcane Coven> recruiting on Icecrown

    (I'm a mage on the Horde side of Icecrown planning to make my guild into a dedicated rp guild. although this will prove difficult i'll try anyway. enjoy the rp recruitement post)

    By the Order of Lady Sylvanas Windruner. The Banshee Queen of the Forsaken.
    The Arcane Coven has been made to uncover the Arcane secrets of Azeroth and beyond.
    Those who wish to undertake this task. whether you are a Mage or a Mercenary, You only need contact the Arcane Executor Agergar.
    To become a apprentice or sign a mercenary contact.

    The Arcane Executor calls.

  2. May 15, 2018  
    I wish you were on the Alliance as I'd love to help. All my characters are Alliance right now.... :(

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