1. May 6, 2018  

    79 twinking (POTENTIAL)

    As the title says. There's literally 20+ 79 online every single day if you do /who. in the timezone of 3st to 10st. where on the other hand we have like 8-11 at all times no peaking no nothing we're simply lacking players on alliance by a huge margine. i don't even think you guys realise that if we just got 5 more consitent TRYING twinks on Alliance that'd result in making avs and iocs pop REGURLY on CTA. that's INSANE.

    So what i'm askinf of YOU-(hesitant lurking person who wants to make a 79) What can WE do to make you come here? do we need to boost you through all levels do you need gold as a start up? do you need to hear the words of: it'll be alright i know the leveling is tough but you'll make it? what is it that prevents you from making a 79 twink here with us the bracket is Alive and well and it's really great. If it's because you're sitting around with your OH so precious twinks on Icecrown then don't even bother i'm telling you Zul'aman is around the cornor on tbc so is sunwell. Ruby sanctum is to be released on Lordaeron around the cornor. all those 3 raids have to be scripted PERFECTLY from warmanes perspective to keep the playerbase high and stable is it is right now. so where's the time for a crossrealm? there's not gonna be any. don't sit around waiting for it. start bloody lvling. the talk about crossrealm was because Lordaeron was literally dying with peak times (2k) people after the heirloom/rdf system was implemented that chnanged and the player base raised by a STABLE 2k. so please don't be naive and sit around with your twinks on icecrown. Make a twink on Lordaeron you really don't want to miss out on it.

  2. May 6, 2018  
    I'd like a boost through levels, then i'd play there ofc. Got no time to do leveling on lord atm, so boost would be nice.

  3. May 7, 2018  
    I'll boost you, but you don't even log fgt. Show your lazy azz already and go!

    I'm bis already woot

  4. May 7, 2018  
    @Aluvon i doubt that you're not rich as fck on Icecrown the amount of time you have played there. the best way to get a lord character and start twinking is following.
    :sell x3 21000K gold for 11 coins on icecrown.
    - buy a 70 char on lord for those coins. or simply donate 30 coins and get a character and get started it's worth it. i wish i'd have done it instead of lvling

  5. May 7, 2018  
    lul people reading this will think the guild will boost them

  6. May 7, 2018  
    That's why, <Carried> must come to Lord

  7. May 8, 2018  

  8. May 8, 2018  
    We had 3 isle of conquest today. This bracket on this server has endless potential. Come join us

  9. June 2, 2018  
    The truth is nobody is going to boost you, chances are you wont even make to lvl 60+ let alone all the way to 79. This is not icecrown that 1 run through dung gets you 5 levels. Welcome to x1. you will get 20% of level at best on higher lvl. Nobody is going to spend their entire day running you so you can get 2 levels. If you are too lazy to quest, well than that is your problem. If by any chance you are serious about twinking on Lord than that wont be an issue at all. You can always ask help from guild members on either side and everyone is 100% gonna help you gear up. If we could all level up than so can you. However, what we can promise you are constat bgs, lots of twinks, TBC raids. Our bracket is very much active and very fun to play. Hope to see more ppl joining us. Whisper any member of IMMORAL if you are serious about twinking on 70-79.

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