1. May 7, 2018  

    [H][EU] <Unicorn Invasion> PvE Guild Recruiting for T6 progression

    Who we are
    We are the Unicorn Invasion! We are reborn from the ashes of Feenix Archangel where the Invasion first formed. Our goal is to do what we were unable to do back on Feenix; complete this epic expansion's endgame content in its entirety! We are currently progressing in T5 and are still looking for people to form the solid 25 man core for our cause. We want to provide pleasant and mature gaming environment for everyone who wishes play and progress amongst us. Currently most of our members are from Nordic and other European countries (due to our raid times), but everyone who has no difficulty communicating in English and can raid on our times are welcome to apply!
    Beware, Kil'jaeden the Invasion is on its way!

    We are all equally responsible for maintaining a good athmosphere when raiding. There will always be room for friendly fights and banter from time to time. But direct flaming or abuse of another players are not tolerated, we will sort these things out.

    Appendix A: General Information About US
    Public thread on our forums: https://unicorninvasion.shivtr.com/f...hreads/2853443

    Raid Times
    Wednesday, Sunday & Monday 16:45 - 21:00 / 04:45 - 09:00 pm server time.
    We expect people to be ready for invites at proper summoning stone 15 minutes before the actual raid starts 17:00 / 05:00 pm st.

    Our Progress
    T4 - Full | we dont focus on T4 on main raid days, we might do guild runs or semipugs on offdays - mainly attunements in mind for those that need them.
    T5 - 6/6 SSC, 3/4 TK
    T6 - 5/5 MH, 6/9 BT

    How we handle loot
    We use fairly popular system of Loot Council. We feel that this system is most beneficial for our progress. This means that there
    are several factors in play when he handle the distribution of loot e.g. tanks have priority for obvious reasons, we don't want to stack certain players with loot all the time, we want each drop to boost our overall effectiveness as much as possible etc.

    Classes we are looking for
    Check our website for up-to-date information (link there below in this post)

    See from above if your class is needed amongst our ranks, we might not have this list always up-to-date so feel free to check our website or to apply anyway since we might still consider exceptions.

    Interested? This is what we expect from you
    Since attunements are gone for T5, we no longer require applicants to have them. You are still expected to be well on your way with BT attunement line however. Applicants are also needed use discord on our raids and signup and show up for events (we use calendar on our website for that) Before you can get guild invite in-game you need to make an application on our website and have it accepted. Answer the questions truthfully so we get the idea what kind of a player you are. Link to that page below :)

    Join the Invasion! Make your application here

    Core raiders should also
    - Be reliable and punctual; dont be late for events without notice when you have signed up for them.
    - Be informative if you need to be away from the game for longer than one or two raid events.
    - Bring enough consumables to last 4 hours uninterrupted raiding.
    - Have sufficient knowledge of your own class and spec.
    - Have proper addons for your class.

    In-game contacts: Aggrophobia, Aggromage, Blindness, Dothem, Durien & Pinja

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  3. May 20, 2018  
    We are now looking for more active players to fill our core. Need 1 mage - 1 Holly Priest - 1 Elemental Shaman - 1 Enhancement Shaman - 1 Restoration Shaman - 1 Holly Paladin - 1 Balance Druid - 1 Mage.

    Best regards,
    Edited: May 25, 2018

  4. May 27, 2018  
    We are now looking for more active players to fill our core. Need 1 mage - 1 Enhancement Shaman - 1 Restoration Shaman - 1 Holly Paladin - 1 Balance Druid.

    Best regards,

  5. May 30, 2018  
    MH 2/5 Moving up in the world!

    We are still doing T5 for BT attunments and to gear up those who need.

    Join the Invasion!

  6. June 7, 2018  
    Progress: MH 3/5

    Need active players for Core spot:
    Pally tank
    Edited: June 10, 2018

  7. Progress: MH 5/5

    Need active players as Core:
    Pally Tank
    Enha Shamy

  8. 3 Weeks Ago  
    Progress: MH 5/5 BT 4/9

    Need Active Players as Core:
    Hunter (BM)
    Priest (Holy)
    Paladin (Retri)

    We always consider all active players.

  9. 2 Weeks Ago  
    Bump it UP! Still Looking for a few more active players to refill the core.
    Paladin (Retri with Offspec tank)
    Shamy (Enha)

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  10. 1 Week Ago  
    Progress: MH 5/5 - BT 6/9

    Always looking for T6 ready players to fill up our ranks.

  11. 7 hours ago  
    Bump! Looking for a few new active core players for BT progress.
    Holy Priest
    Retri pally
    But we consider all applications!

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