Hi there, it seems that there aren't any/many threads on this topic so I figured I'd start one.
I'm a current art student, and WotLK enthusiast so decided to perhaps combine the two!

Although I'm newer to drawing characters, I drew 2 of my own as examples-
My rshammy Ashreyl;
My druid Swirlstorm;
Each about 13"x20" & 400 pixels/inch in size, big enough to be usable pretty much anywhere.

You can customize it however much you want, I can draw at pretty much any angle.
However if you have a specific pose in mind, I would appreciate a reference or good description.
I can do backgrounds! Most of my art is scenery. Example; https://imgur.com/gtIhNlT

The only things I ask:
A couple screenshots of your character- preferably from front, back, and side.
An idea of what you want.

I accept gold or coins! Prices will be decided depending on if this gets any interest- first commission will be pay what you want.
The estimated time of completion will be 2 weeks per piece equal to those of my examples. The time will vary based on complexity.
If interested, please either message me on this thread, in game (Swirlstorm on Icecrown), or on discord @ EchoRin#7390

Thanks for stopping by!