<Aura> is currently looking to round out our Ulduar 25man and second 10man group.

Some things about us:

- We are about progression, which means we have been doing every raid only using gear in specific brackets.

For example, since we are in Ulduar, no one is allowed to bring any gear that was released after this raid until we move on to the next one. The max ilvl that we are bringing is ilvl 232, and we don't use any epic gems. Once we move on to ToC, we will allow members to bring stuff with higher ilvls, but things from ICC won't be allowed.

- The spots we want to fill are for our Ulduar 25 man group and our second 10 man.

Our raid times are generally at 6 PM Server Time. Our main 25man progression run is on Saturdays, and throughout the week we do various 10s and 25s. Our second 10man group hasn't found a set time yet, but it will most likely be on Sundays depending on what days people are most available to attend.

- We have a very strong core with dedicated members, and are looking to fill it up.

What we want in our new members most of all is a willingness to learn. As long as you are attentive, present, and want to improve, we would love to have you!

- We have a Discord server, and we require our members to use it during raids. You don't necessarily have to talk, but we love people who like to come in and chat!

If you're looking for a challenging raiding experience with a kind, active, and social community, please whisper Nathalea or Spacecowboy, we're excited to hear from you!