1. May 14, 2018  

    LF 2s Guide to Ele/Destro Comp - Icecrown

    Inb4 "cc one and global the other lol get gud noob"

    I understand that basic strat; the devil is in the details, as they say. I'm hoping someone has or knows of a detailed guide to this comp, with references to strategies when facing specific comps (war/hpal, rogue/priest, etc.). If there are no guides out there, then perhaps someone familiar with the comp could answer questions and/or offer general advice. I'm familiar with a few posts on the forums, but I have yet to find anything even semi-comprehensive.

    For example, UH/hpal is particularly tough for us. We usually don't survive long enough to outlast one round of defensive CDs. If we CC pally and force AMS, then by the time we can switch and reset, one of us is dead. If we CC DK and force bubble, then same thing, basically.

    Additionally, as the shammy on the team, I find it difficult to know when to focus on DPS and when to switch to off-heals. For almost every game we've played, my lock has much more damage than me at the end, so clearly I'm playing fairly defensively. But is that normal? Judging from the details of one of the top 2s teams on Icecrown, "PlzBePaTiEnTwEhAvEaUtIsM" (lol), it looks as if some games the shammy has more dmg, and in others his dmg is quite low, with more heals. There seems to be some pattern here, since the more defensive setups appear more frequently versus hpal teams.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    (In case you missed the title, the realm is Icecrown. And we know the usual arena setups: keybinds, focus macros, etc. Certainly lots of room for improvement, but at least we are aware and trying.)

  2. May 20, 2018  
    I recommend you to check some Drainerx's videos. He used to stomp everyone with this composition back in the AT days. This one is the most popular, hope it helps. :)
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  3. May 23, 2018  

    Udk/hpala is actually a really easy comp for ele/destro "by the time we can switch and reset, one of us is dead" destro Lock should never die vs a udk with your comp, you guys have low GS?

  4. May 23, 2018  
    Thanks for the vids! I was familiar with Drainer, but I'm going to keep watching to try and learn some stuff. That UH/priest video was especially helpful.

    And as for our GS, yes we are fairly low. I'm sitting around 5.8k, with furious helm and shield as my biggest drawback, with a few relentless and wrathful pieces. Lock is using furious weapons and mostly relentless, so we have a long way to go gear-wise.

    Usually the DK just zergs the lock and we're dead soon. I try to offheal but then we aren't putting much pressure on the DK.

  5. May 23, 2018  
    Think your gear is holding you back alot. Your lock uses succubus right?

    https://youtu.be/ydHT4g3qrdQ?t=4m43s not the greatest players right here but im assuming you guys are at this level atm. I guess best advice would be to pop hero right away when dk engages to help you survive better, when dk pops garg/ams just go def, your lock can just port and line and u just run with wolf.

    That video shows tho how OP ele destro is vs udk pala. The lock tanks a full garg with trinkets procs, he coils into AMS, ele doesnt kick garg, ele doesnt have fire totem up, doesnt purge sacred.

  6. May 23, 2018  
    Succubus is default, yes. Thanks for the video too. Always seems like dks on the film aren't doing as much damage as the ones we face.

    Why do you say a destro lock should never die to a dk? I thought their sustain was fairly low, especially compared to the self healing of affliction.

    DKs are also especially hard to CC, since Lichborne negates seduction, fear, and hex all in one. Do you know if Howl still works? I guess I'm on the wrong class forum for that question...

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