1. May 15, 2018  

    Classes theme over the years

    Hey everyone!

    There is a question that I'd like to raise. Roleplaying your class in the "stuck time-line" of a private server (such as WotLK for instance), do you use the possible updated theme of your class that has come along with the introduction of new lore in the live game or do you roleplay with the theme the class had back in the expansion you are currently at?

    For instance: Shadow Priests used to be the type of Priests that concerned themselves with the shadow element and matters of death (undeath?) and life. However in Legion we see that he is now mostly the mad void cultist theme. The question on this specific example would be: Do you roleplay your Shadow Priest with the WotLK theme, or do you use the OOC lore knowledge of Legion to adapt your Priest accordingly?

    The reason I am asking this, is because every time the lore is getting updated what we learn is considered somewhat universal truths. Thus, it would be weird to state that your character did not know its theme in the past and only found out as time was passing.

    On the other hand, you could neglect all updated information and state that your class theme is what was introduced in the expansion you are currently playing and consider this as your universal truth.

    Looking forward to your answers!

  2. May 26, 2018  
    That's not what a shadow priest was. Shadow Priest have been cultist and occultist from the get-go. I do not really understand your question or why you have this perception on roleplaying? You do not have to mold yourself to the popular perceived belief of what your class is. A cultist Shadow priest can exist. A man who delved to far into the occult and never leaves his house could emerge a greater shadow priest than you.

    The way you roleplay your character has never changed, and we arent in a stuck timeline. Thats like saying I'm stuck playing WoW when I can go play Starcraft. Cataclysm lost a lot of the traditional fantasy elements incorporating more mechanical vehicles and devices. Warcraft got a "Highlander" type feel after TBC, after Cataclysm it was more full on steampunk. People don't realize thats the classification for Warcraft now. Thats why i still play pre-WOTLK 90% of the time. Back when a cool sword was actually a sword and not some giant-anime lookin' blade of cringe-death. When having a katana was like "**** yeah"

    If you can comprehend that then put it like this
    You have to make money somehow in your "roleplay life". Are you a member of the guard? are you wealthy noble? a drifter and a wonderer? How does your priest sustain himself? a cultist will obviously live off the grid with his cult and most likely commit crime to sustain themselves. Or maybe your "shadow priest" isn't one of angst but depression. A once holy priest that's lost his faith in the Light after spending his years running the morgue and embalming bodies. There are many paths to follow in life. As for me? You couldn't handle the journey i've been on.

    Be what you want, and even if its not lore specific, tell 'em your from another dimension.

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