1. May 16, 2018  

    More information about realm

    Cuz Information tab on the site sucks, badly, I need to ask you here.

    I need more info about this realm and expansion:
    1. What is the exp rate on this realm?
    2. Gold drop and reputation rate?

    3. What is the highest pvp set in this expansion? Vengefull? If not, when the last tier will be released?
    4. Is the PVP in this expansion also need some of the PVE items like you mostly need in WOTLK-like trinkets and weapons?
    5. Is the PVP buying gear system same as WOTLK- do you need arena rate for some of the gear?
    6. Is there a donation shop, and are there the top tier items to buy or they arent added yet?

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  2. May 16, 2018  
    searching sucks, but searching for other people sucks even more

  3. May 16, 2018  
    Hey! Regarding your questions, I can only answer a few:

    1) I think its x5
    2) Dont know but I think the same as official server
    3)Right now it's Season 3 (vengeful), Season 4 will come in July probably (?)
    4) It never hurts to have some PvE offset items, but it's certainly not necessary
    5) You need BG-marks and honor for Season 1, Arena Points for season 2 and 3. For S3 weapon 1850 and S3 shoulders 2000 rating.
    6) Yes there is, although you cannot buy T6 for example, just end game weapons

  4. May 16, 2018  
    1. 5x
    2. 1x
    3. S3 atm. Will be S4 7th of July.
    4. It depends on your class and preferences. Normally most classes tend to wear some PvE items.
    5. For S4 head, shoulders, chest, legs, weapons and ring you need rating. You do not need rating for Gloves, Misc like totems, librams, wands, OH etc.
    6. Yes there is. All items will eventually be on the store but currently only items up to and including Hyjal.

  5. May 16, 2018  
    Thanks guys very much <3 (except TheWuso).

  6. May 16, 2018  
    How about que time for horde and ally? I see there is more horde players, should I go alliance?

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