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    Is it worth playing from the beginning?

    I want to play wotlk and I've heard Lordaeron is a good choice. But I'm also not sure because this server is already progressed and I'm afraid I won't be able to play older raids. Is it worth playing here? Can I find some people that still do that?

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    Well, lorderon is most similar to real wow lich king servers, tho there are fewer people than on icecrown, if you want real wow experience pick lorderon if you want more social pick icecrown

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    Read what he stated he want to know if pugs or guilds runs still early content like Naxxxramas/EOE/SOO/Ulduar/TOGC, i dont play there but answer the question.

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    Isn't that implied?
    Of course not. Read what he asked.

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    So what do you think there are 3k people online and that no one plays older radis? I mean if you have little bit of brain in your head you could figure that out from my first post.

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    There are a number of progressive guilds on both horde and alliance. Some however are not actually progressive and just plan to raid old content while others will only allow certain ilvls as they clear through As for pugs, I don't think i've seen more than 1 naxx pug going since i've been playing. Most ppl seem to do the endgame content.

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    Join Horde, ppl are doing everything.

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