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    CROSS realm arena/bg How it will work?

    Hi i've a question about cross realm bg/arena which is a great idea for "dead" realm but something is a little hard to understand for me about the differences between icecrown, lordaeron, and blackrock,
    in blackrock you can't get smourne + 277 heroic trinket are unusable in arena
    in lordaeron, that's a blizzlike content with no store, and end game gear
    and for lordaeron that's the other side, store where you can get all the end game gear + SM
    not a problem for me because it will fix alot of queing latency on blackrock and lordaeron but will they do something about SM and 277 trinket for icecrown players something like unusable in arena ?

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    yeah i alredy know that mate, but that doesn't change the fact that blackrock server for example cannot have SM like icecrown, so my questions will they do something against that

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    When CROSSrealm BGs/Arenas will be involved?

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