1. May 21, 2018  

    3v3 is not "dead"

    Playing on this server for almost two years now, and one of the things that I consistently see almost every week is someone telling me about how "dead" the 3v3 queue is. In my opinion, this seems to be a relatively false notion. I have casually (sort of seriously) played 3v3 on the Icecrown realm, at almost any time of day. Out of the 30 times I have queued for 3v3 arenas, there has really only been 4 times that we had to stop queueing because no on else is doing so.

    You see people all over the forums whining about how there is no 3v3 queue. Personally, I really haven't had a whole lot of trouble with queueing, but I have had a lot of luck with queueing earlier in the day.

    Just like the 2v2 queues, you will face the same team over and over again if you are queuing on a weeknight at 5AM server time, that is just how it works. Just yesterday I queued at around 5PM server time and found myself going up against 2 or 3 teams in 3v3. People play here, you just have to queue earlier in the day.

    I know this can all be seen as me rambling, but don't knock the 3v3 bracket if you haven't tried it. So for everyone that thinks the queue is dead, you are either queueing at the wrong time, or you haven't tried it.

    And, if you haven't tried it, you should. 3v3 is the most competitive, and skill-based form of PvP. If you want to form a team, go for it, a ton of people would encourage you to do so, including myself. But just because you are queuing in the dead of night and you don't get a queue just once doesn't mean that 3v3 is dead.

    With cross-realm arena definitely happening within the next few months, we will definitely see an increase in the 3v3 bracket of course. But to sit there, and only have a maximum of 10 arena 3v3 games played, only to come onto the forums and whine that there is no queue, is really just a load of nonsense.

  2. The problem is not the queues (since there are always guys whom will que), the problem is the fact that 80% are randoms which stop after being stomped by 2-3 teams and whining that there are not queues. Ofc there are no low mmr queues if you guys stop after 3-4-5 games facing let`s say top 10 teams. If every low mmr team would`ve play regulary, there will be no gap between ~2k teams and 1.5 ers

  3. no idea of the current situation, but from what you post, there are maybe like 40 persons trying 3v3 arena at peak times and 2nd poster said that the 30 sporadic players should keep playing... lol

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