1. May 22, 2018  

    What is max interval between gargoyle casts?

    What is max interval between gargoyle casts with all those hastes? Looks like it's 0.5 sec with Unholy Presence, am I right? Just theorycrafting, looking for proofs.

    Wowwiki says:
    The global cooldown is generally 1.5 seconds for all classes except rogues, Cat Form druids, and death knights in Unholy Presence, whose abilities are mostly one second global cooldown.


    But can't find any info about gargoyle specifically.

  2. May 22, 2018  
    GCD for Spells with 0 Haste is 1.5sec.
    GCD for Spells should be 1sec, while reaching Haste Cap, with both Gear and all kind of Buffs, and it cant go less than 1sec when it comes to players.

    Some say Pets can reduce that Global CD even further beyond, Garg included!

    Is that how its suposed to be?
    I do not know...

    The thing that buffs Gargoyle the most is Troll Racial for some reason.

    Is that how its suposed to be?
    I do not know...

  3. May 23, 2018  

    According to this log it sure can go below 1s cast time. As for the theoretical minimum cast time I've no idea.

  4. May 25, 2018  
    Thanks for the link! Well looks like it can.

  5. Without any haste ****s, you can go about ~.7 with bloodlust, so yeah, it can go below 1 second

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