1. I stop reading after "Because Mop still is the old wow"...you cant be serious.

  2. Well one too many bugs will keep players away, for instance, to this day we still get random teleporting in place be it in BG or a flight path, quests that do not work or do not exist, same with NPCs, what is deemed trouble ends up being disabled and never fixed, example would be like dungeons like Sunwell, some instance being closed with NO REASON whatsoever, MT, which had no bugs worked fine, I ran it many many times for myself and others in the low lvl community, no issues at all.

    You can do a drop test to see for yourself how the TP in place glitch is still here. Take a priest/you or a friend, fly very high in the sky and cast levitate on you/or friend immediately after you dismount, and do not move, if you started to go back and forth in place, there's your problem there - stuff like this won't be fixed and the more problems ill only cause people to leave.

  3. I stop reading after "Because Mop still is the old wow"...you cant be serious.
    Great way to have an argument ... . I actually explained what i meant by that in the text itself, but here it is again in a condensed form (with some additions)

    So compared to legion (and wod) mop had:

    - classes still have the same abilities they used to have (unlike wod where half were cut, and legion were p.much everything is different)
    - rotations that were meaningfull and there were lots of ways to custumize gear, it wasnt all mechanics
    - pvp where it mattered a lot more how good you were at your class rather then how good of a team you were
    - some challenge in older raids/contents for soloing, i.e the numbers werent totally insane (you could run into troubles soloing black temple etc, unlike the following expansions and it was pre squish so old content still had their old numbers).

    But most importantly, it still felt a lot more like tbc/woltk or vanilla if you played it, something which is IMHO missing from legion. (and wod was just flat out garbage)

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