1. June 4, 2018  

    Returning Player here after a long while

    Hello all,

    I used to play on molten few years back, and later switched to retail.
    Decided to return back to molten now a.k.a Warmane.

    My two mains back then were Antar the feral druid and Bassa. Blood DK.
    If anyone still here from old days. and do recognize these chars do give a shout.

    Will be loging in tonight around 4:00 PM GMT on Frostwolf MoP server.


  2. June 6, 2018  
    aww man im also from molten days, but im installing TBC realm. Im actually signing up and reinstalling right now for the first time since molten. I played a few years. The name sounds familiar but i dont remember. I can tell you i ran a lot of guilds, though i dont remember their names. If you decide to play TBC, I'd love to be your leveling buddy. being 27 years old and too old for enjoying solo gaming, im here for the social experience more than anything (in the sense of, i wont enjoy the game much these days if i dont play with friends. I love pvping the most, and having a world pvp buddy would be the best thing ever)

  3. Glad to hear from you DarnTootin. I dont think i will come on TBC. But i understand what you saying...I forgot the name of the guild on Molten which i was part of, but I do remember the leader was a brazilian guy.

  4. Well been some time now since i am back. got 2 toons now, Dk named Bassa, havent started lvling him yet. and a Druid (feral) named Antar. Playing MoP on Frostwolf.

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