1. Definately the undertaker.

  2. Kevin Owens currently, but I only follow time to time as I've stopped watching wrestling a long time ago. KO is a classic bruiser heel that works so well (and hard) in the modern era. And he's goddam athletic for his size.

    All-time is Undertaker but his never-ending appearances and infrequent matches is ruining is legacy. Should've retired at WM30 after he lost to Brock.

  3. Shawn Michaels.

    He's a sexy boy.

  4. Yreal.

    La Leona Reyna, Cara Delevingne.
    Edited: September 8, 2018

  5. First of all, wtf!?
    Second: that's not me in the chat pic.
    Third, that link may cause people to have seizures, im putting it inside spoilers.

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