1. June 5, 2018  


    Hey guys im Gogan and im new on Warmane.
    I was playing on retail and other ****t* servers and wasting a lot of time until i saw this server status +5000 and my hungry for wow just came again.
    Now what do i want to know is:
    - How is PVP and PVE on this server,whats dominating
    - Are the gm's active with the ticket respond and helping people in-game?
    - How old is this server?
    - There are any bugs on the server?
    - And the last one,i wish to build a resto druid for pve and pvp as well,what advice would you give me about profession?

  2. June 5, 2018  
    Hey there my dude! I may not be the best source of info but ill give you my best educated guess, and my background.

    I actually just signed up again too. I was once on this server before it was Warmane. it was once called Molten for about 5 years i think (from 2009 or 2010 ish until 2012-2013ish) until something happened with the admins and they essentially restarted thew whole thing. I believe it has been warmane ever since as is. As for when it was molten, i will say that at the time (and perhaps possibly still so), it was the best one out there. The least amount of bugs/glitches, professionally maintained and sustained, professional and kind GMs, practically blizzlike experience in almost every way (except of course the slightly higher xp rate). I had played for 2 years (2010ish-2012ish) and made some wonderful memories. I thorougly enjoyed world pvp and all the other aspects of the game, though i was primarily a pvper, never a raider.

    As for how the game is today, i cant tell you. however, as i said, i just signed up again for the first time since 2012ish and im about to create a character after i install. I'd love for you to be my leveling buddy! I'm gonna make a discord server too and eventually a guild. I'm most likely gonna be horde as i always was. I just like it better. Lol. My character name will be "Glutentagent" and ill be on the highest populated pvp realm (assuming there is more than 1) of the burning crusade server. Hope to play with you!
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