1. June 5, 2018  

    [ANSWERED][Important] - Can't leave my arena team after renaming my character


    i need a little help from Staff, maybe i'm unlucky but this is second time when something happens when i purchase some services.

    I rename my Aliance rogue:

    Old nickname: Drapo,
    New nickname: Drapwp

    -the only reason why i rename it, was, that i need this nickname (Drapo) on my Horde Character, also Rogue... so i purchase Character rename service and now im stuck on Aliance in my ARENA TEAM as Drapo (but my nickname is Drapwp and i can't leave my arena team now)

    - also i want put this character (aliance rogue, Drapwp) on Warmane Trade Shop and i can't because Character can't by in Arena Team or Guild etc...

    i use nickname Drapo on my Horde Character can by that the issue?

    PrintScreen of my inGame Arena Team:
    https://imgur.com/a/apkfzNw (proof that I'm not joking)

    but on warmane armory it looks good but i just can't leave my arena team.

    Just remove me from this team if its possible. Or i don't know... little help will be great.

    Thanks for any answers.

  2. June 8, 2018  
    Make an in-game ticket a Game Master will help you get out of the team.

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