1. June 5, 2018  

    Coming back

    Well howdy do everyone!! I'm not sure what to say but i just wanted to peek into community here as im getting ready to log onto this server in.. a long time. Lol. I'm downloading the client now but the last time I've logged into this was the day molten stopped being molten and i lost all my data. I remember looking into warmane once the admins renamed it and rebirthed it, but i was afraid that it was gonna be shut down (After the other vanilla servers started getting shutting down). But here were are 5 or so years later and yall are still up :D!

    It has been good to take a break from WoW anyways. I mean, when you have the whole game memorized from outplaying it, the repetition got bleh for me.
    But here at 27 years old, I figure eh, why not! :D! I never actually played TBC, so here i am my dudes!

    Ya'll can call me Neo! :) I'll most likely be on tonight making my first character so if anyone wants to be my leveling buddy (I love leveling buddies! <3), feel free to add me!! Assuming the name isnt taken, I'll name my character "Glutentagent". I'll be Horde on the burning crusade server, on the highest populted pvp realm (assuming there is more than one). See you around my dudes :)

    PS: I saw Kaer's name in the forums! :D!! Kaerbae is still here? heck yes! I remember Kaer was awesome! Lol.
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