1. June 7, 2018  

    Wotlk best class for casual pvp/pve?

    I'm currently playing rogue but it's good for Just casual pvp ... Which class is good for both pvp and pve casual play? If i get alchemy and herbalism on rogue will It Be good for pve casual too?

  2. June 7, 2018  
    What do you mean by casual? Doing RDF HC, Spamming rdf hc, running around doing quests/farming, etc..?

    I would say make a druid if you wanna do alchemy and herbalism. That way you can be tanky/heal/dps for solo, and get into rdf's quicker too if you'd like. But if you are dps and queues are long, that is also time to quest/herb.

    Really just play what you like and enjoy... Others cannot really tell you what is best, but imo, druid is similar to rogue and offers more options of PVE. Rogue is fine for PVE too though, u can do good dps if you get good gear, but same can be said for most classes..

  3. June 7, 2018  

    The only disadvantage is the lack of stealth, but:

    Good for pve, aoe and single target damage and decent utility.
    Nice for solo stuff.
    Ranged dps.

    Nice for pvp, good cc, strong damage without set up, razonable defensives, tracking, few anti classes and hunter can get huge profit from engineering.

    Solid class for every ambit.

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