1. June 8, 2018  

    Too late to start?

    Hello! I'm new to the server, my friend just recommended me here, is it still okay to start? Are there still guilds willing to accept newbies?

  2. June 8, 2018  
    Yeah, But its endgame realm, so no Naxx / ulduar, Might se an OS weekly if your lucky, it's FoS and PoS 5man spam until your 5k gs then you need a couple of weeks to get enough gear in toc 10 / 25 to get to 5,8k (which is full icc 10 geared) Before you even set your foot inside icc, Because all the leaders who make ICC raids don't want newbies, they all want their raid to be "LK Raid" and they only invite 5,8k +
    UNLESS its an "ALT" run in which they wanna boost their own fresh geared toon and therefore are unable to get a good raid carrying them, if you can find an alt run youl get in with 5,2-5,4K Gs, just dont expect passing 1/3 of the whole dungeon (with full gems and enchants)

    There are some guilds for casual / newbies though and they will carry people in icc etc, after all its a huge populated realm so there's smth for everyone, but just be aware that almost everyone has a fully geared toon and in the "pug" community, people don't bother with "minor" things like boss tactics or ability rotation.
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