1. Have to say that I agree with this forum. Horde pvp is dead unless queues are fixed or free horde to alliance transfers are reinstated. If pvp dies then the game dies. Sorry Warmane but you have a problem here that you need to fix. Last night I queued for 37mins for a bg. That's a waste of my time. As a premium customer that's not good enough.

  2. Agree, I'm tired of waiting for bg queues. Bring back queue skipping or bring back free transfers, or lose players to other servers.

  3. Are they even reading this topics? already know several people that left server bcs of bg queues, so why aren't they doing smthing to solve the problem or they dont care to loose population? atleast they must write smthing, then we can finnaly know their position - if it will go on i just cant spend so much time on queues :/ end of story population will be balanced when 2-3k horde pls will leave the server ...

  4. Don't know if it will change something but I add my voice to the comments above, BGs are unplayable on horde side...

  5. Atm I am waiting 2 hours on av, roughly 1 hour for wsg/30 mins for ab/30 mins eots.

    That is early time Eu 5am-13pm.
    Average is min of 20 minutes which is horrifying atm, I am really losing incentive to wait 3 hours for 6 bgs....

  6. No one else to blame then everyone that has made new characters on horde side or has xfered from alliance to horde.

    What warmane can do is prevent new horde toons creation, lock alliance to horde xfer, bring back free horde to alliance. I've been here since day one on alliance side and I really wanted to go horde but knew once I log in and see a see of undead at the starting zone how imbalance the horde side would be. I stuck it out. 3 months ago I created a horde alt and gear him out only to notice the influx of new horde players in bgs in nothing but greens. This was just before the bg queuen changes. I was going to wait to see what warmane did to help out but gave in and xfered back to alliance.

    PS. Queue times on alliance aren't instant anymore.

  7. i can't believe people defend this lol, the games are often the same old imbalanced auto-ending stomps, the same afkers, the same bots defending burnt towers in AV.

    did it really "improve quality" of bgs when over half the players on the realm now have to wait insanely long during 20 hours of the day?

    thinking of selling my char now

  8. did it really "improve quality" of bgs when over half the players on the realm now have to wait insanely long during 20 hours of the day?
    It only improved quality for ppl on honor cap and 100/100/100/100 marks and ppl who like to raid inbetween the queue times, thats their obvious target group

    havent seen many of those around :rolleyes:

  9. well either way its worn me down. BG's were a big part of my gaming experience and now that is gone. No point gearing up if I can't BG, and no point waiting 45 mins for a BG queue to end up in a BG with green players, and then I can't leave the BG.
    I have other games to play rather than looking into a monitor hopeful for a BG pop.
    so much for being a premium customer

    Good luck guys, I'm out

  10. It's a big turnoff for newly dinged horde player to step in in PVP. At least Warmane should allow players to queue BG's Wrath Like, so you don't waste your time in Major City and at least can farm and do quests while waiting your queue.

    They've tried to avoid half empty Battlegrounds, but got NO Battlegrounds instead...

    I don't know, either make us able to queue from any place (and port back after BG) or return multiqueue, you can limit it to two instances, for example

  11. check the information page you guys, how many hordes are online compared to alliance players,

    its not the que that is the problem, isnt that quite obvious?

  12. I was playing every night before the changes and heavily addicted again. Multiple premium accounts, barely played since the change, neither has most of my pvp guild. The longer you take to change it back the more players you will lose, clock is ticking warmane.

  13. cant desagree more with this topic. I was about to leave warmane before this change because my main activity is BG and it was NOT fun. Ok queues were fasters but it's not that problematic today (never waited more than 5-10 mins) and we can actually play good BGs with commited people and less honor farmers who ****in switch all the time.

  14. You're obviously playing alliance Horn. You wouldn't be singing such a sweet song if you were playing Horde. BG queues for horde right now are abysmal. Bring back queue swaps or bring back free horde to alliance transfers. I'd be singing praise if I was playing Alliance right now. And I must agree with some of the posts here that say it is too late. Horde are fed and and leaving and you can't blame them.

  15. I'm a fat cow - playing Horde and only Horde, it's been 6 months now on Outland

    Alternatives solutions :
    - tag BG everywhere and not only with the NPC
    - 4 daily quests, one for each BG
    - allow to be invited in partys when inside BGs

    And you'll have more people
    But the former situation is not the solution

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