1. June 8, 2018  

    RP Guild | The Frozen Pain

    Hello everyone, i am planning to start a guild Named "The Frozen Pain" The guild is based on the events of WOTLK. A group of survivors who tries their best to live in the current events, the scourge.
    -Common knowledge of the lore. (Till Wotlk at least)
    -Understandable English.
    -No OOC drama.
    -No Bad RP aspects (power emoting, god modding, Loling)
    -Being active.
    -Creating a stable RP base that cannot be easily broken.
    -Build different relations and friendships with people who has different states of mind.
    -Learn more about how to Roleplay.
    What we'll do:
    -Roleplay generally.
    -PVP and PVE comes as a second priority.
    Additional information:
    If you wish to talk to me about joining the guild, message me in discord: @Eternity#9490
    We'll be rping in Icecrown. Don't worry we're not rushing for the end game content.
    Discord: https://discord.gg/cff9qZw
    So far, i'll stick to the Alliance.
    Edited: June 8, 2018

  2. July 4, 2018  
    what server and faction? and is it still active?

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