1. Auction House problems

    Hello i have a problem with an Auction house. I created an auction with some leather. Someone bought it and i got an mail that says that the itam was sold that the amount pending is 8g 56s and that the Estimated delivery time is : 00:00 but i never got an mail with the real money in it. I have 3 mails similar to this one and never got the real money from it. And yes I dont have more than 50 mails in the mail box just these 3 that says that the money will come in 00:00 but they didnt. Please can you fix this problem somehow ? Thank you in advance for your help.
    Edited: June 10, 2018 Reason: After like one hour ive got mail with my money

  2. The other mail with the gold is sent 1 hour after first mail. It's a separate mail so after you take the gold, that mail will disappear and only first one will remain. There have been a few threads about cases when gold is not received at all but it seems very rare. Most of the time it's just confusion because you get 2 separate mails from each auction.

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