1. What's next for Neltharion

    Hey Warmane, my server is absolutely dead and I am really getting sick not being able to enjoy 25 man content on our server, last I checked we have 1 active guild raiding 25 man content .Tell us What is Next for Neltharion is it going to go down or is it going to be fixed.

  2. Here is a list of threads that answer your question:

    wipe the server!
    Realms Neltharion Wipe and Restart to 4.0.6!
    Do something !!

    All of this can be concluded with an official quote from moderator:

    In theory or in practice? In theory, players could start coming back and playing or development could resume, and one would cause the other to happen. In practice, I don't see either side wanting to take the first step, both just pointing at the other as the reason for their side to not do it. Since resuming development required taking resources from other parts of the project that still need them, they won't be moved to a server that displays such low actual interest (players saying they "would play if" aren't really going to be taken into the equation), and players on the other hand won't start playing just in the hopes that if they come back there will be development happening, which might never happen if the Administration sticks to the plan of not putting more effort into an expansion that just won't give a good RoI, even if populated, with all the extra coding complications that it introduced to the game.
    If u still wonder then let me conclude: they got no plans for cata, unless there is a major interestest from huge part of the community(which is unlikely)
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  3. I logged in just to give my 2 cents on the the matter.

    Been a player during the years 2010 to 2016 and what i can see is molten/warmane forgot what the population was when the cata realms, even though they werent completely fixed, came out. All those people are still here and still wanna play the expansion!

    Now what I am seeing is that they are treating it like a cash cow( they should be thankful that blizz still lets them exist). If only they realized that noone wants to play a broken expansion? Now if the server was workin then by all means close it down.

    You gotta give to recieve!

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