1. Enchanted Elementium Bar/Elementium Ingot

    Is there anyone here that have x10 Enchanted Elementium Bars or Elementium Ingots.
    If yes pls ether wisp me in game "Selfless" or write your name here i'll wisp you as soon as i see you online.
    Thank you.

  2. How much do you pay? I assume you're talking about the Bars used for Thunderfury?

  3. I can do that on my rogue,

    if u have mats I will craft elementium bars for u, price is 10k golds

    Nick Tholin or Boons
    Edited: July 2, 2018

  4. Hey with your mats 13k for 10 bars. I've just sent your a in game mail so pls let me know. I have the gold in hand ready to made the deal.

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