1. stuck in the balancing pole. iin Pandarean

    Guys how do you ring the bell?
    everytime i fall i cannot get back. it jumps on its own and fall again.
    i think the quest is bugged? is it?
    i'm new in using panda.

  2. It is kinda bugged. But it can be done. There is only one pillar that allows you to click the bell. which you can stand next to and click from the ground.
    Edited: July 16, 2018

  3. I was stuck too! But as Divinexjs said you can just go into the water and click on the pole that's in front of the bell, hop on it and then ring it, simple as that.

    The other quest tho, the one that you need to battle other pandas on top of the poles I had to log in and out everytime it bugged, but it's manageable.

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