1. Abilities that feel good

    Guys I main a feral druid and my god it is so satisfying to put up a 5 combo point Rip on your target. I dream about it all the time. The feeling is too much to express in words.
    Any feral druid knows how good that feeling is.
    My question is are there any other classes that can give me the same feeling? Please reply because I want to make an alt that feels (or atleast comes close) to what a five combo point rip feels like.


  2. I would say perfect luck in a row with fire mage getting pyroblast crits without shatter.
    Using Killing spree on roug and then getting Ticking ebony detonator proc, with deep insight ofc.
    Snapshoting 2 chaosbolts with all procs in a row with skull banner up and 4p from soo with multistrike proc.
    Snapshoting on balance druid nature grace and and black blood of yasharash trinket at 10 stacks gives total of 80% crit.
    Getting 4 raging blow hits with fury warr in colossus smash window with stormbolt.
    Getting 10 procs of Divine purpose in a row on retribution paladin in aoe fights.

  3. monk - tigereye brew fist of fury

    on rogue, i like the market+eviscerate thing during burst and the dance in general.

  4. Using both attack power and spell power has an Assassination Rogue, getting the best of both world's from Rogue Poisons, Trinket Poisons at some times, as well as World Poisons. The more dots that tick on the target the better, in addition to a vanish that consist of an attackable decoy that spawns out of pure mist.

  5. 40 yards heroic leap + execute finisher combo.
    Reflecting a chaos bolt or a shadowburn while carrying an orb in TOK.

  6. 40 yards heroic leap + execute finisher combo.
    Reflecting a chaos bolt or a shadowburn while carrying an orb in TOK.
    or zapping ppl with enh shaman in ToK while carrying an orb + berserking buff + that DK buff = mass murder.

  7. ain't nothing like spamming incinerate with fire and brimstone on more than 10 targets, so beautiful it almost hurts to look.


  8. Unholy Blight while using swifty macro and running into a group of enemy players in a bg.
    20 k disease crits.
    Also, AoE Killing Spree (unless it makes you attack hunter pet)

  9. The global trolling ability on a terminal server.
    Edited: July 20, 2018

  10. Shadow Word: Deathing blinds and scatters. Spectral Guising kidneys or hoj's. Pre-mass dispeling block and bubble.

  11. Bladestorming a group of 10 players with reck, skull banner, trinket procs, weapon procs and bloodbath... while they're all stunned..
    No words to describe it.
    They should have sent a poet.
    So beautiful.
    So beautiful...
    You have no idea..

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