1. HI! Old-time (pre-launch-alpha) raider, stopped with Draenor, restarted!

    Hi all, I'm Sam, 33 years old Italian based in Bristol (England). I started playing WoW pre-2004 launch during the alpha phase and always had 1 and only 1 character, a human paladin. I healed every single possible immaginable PVE endgame content, raids and whatnots, world bosses and random crossroad fights. Essentially, I lived and breathed WoW from 2004 till late 2013 during the Draenor's "take care of your house" phase.

    I have been feeling nostalgic for quite a while, and just found out randomly about Warmane so gave it a go, since I saw the TBC / WOTLK servers. I started on Outland, went Horde this time and am absolutely loving the feeling of it all! Just started a few minutes ago and am already overly-excited!

    Glad to be back here!

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