1. New player needs help (wotlk questions) :-)

    Greetings :)

    At first: My english isnīt very good, but i will try my best; hope you understand me anyway (:

    I am a new player here and im not sure, if i understand the realms (Wotlk)
    There are Lordaeron, Icecrown and Blackrock.

    Where is the difference between Lordaeron and Icecrown? Just the XP x7 at Icecrown?
    And how long does it take to reach level 80 at Lordaeron / Icecrown?

    Also i like to play a lot of BG`s. So i guess i will try Blackrock too. Also for the instant 80. Love it.
    Just a few question: Is there a lot of activitiy in BGīs or only arena?
    And if yes, does Alterac Valley also work? (I am one of the few who loves AV :) )

    I am so sorry, but my english isnīt really very good, thatīs why i try to find answer here. Hope you understand my questions ..
    I hope you can help me and sorry, if there are already some topics, i am confused on this homepage a little bit.

    Thank you very much :)


  2. On icecrown you have x7 xp, x3 gold and professions and the drop rate of items is a lot higher (not sure if intended but quest items drop 100% for example), you also have a cashshop where you can just buy yourself every piece of gear in the game (but keep in mind that a bis char is 300-400 euros). Lord is x1 everything and it doesnt really have a cashshop of note.

    It takes 1 day /played for a new char on icecrown generally (second one or if you know what you are doing should be around 10 hours), a week of /played or so on Lord.

    On blackrock there are bgs and arenas, not sure about AV. Theres a lot of activity on all servers. Icecrown has the most.

    Id go icecrown, unless you hate losing to donor heroes.

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