1. Wailing Caverns


    Anyone else encountered this problem, npc should start the event, he kneels down and nothing, wait as much as you want.

  2. Yes, Does the waves of adds start before the boss?
    It's a common bug, been around since god knows how long, For me when I did this for the achievement, it worked 2nd or 3rd time and I found out like many quests in this game, the NPC your supposed to protect may bugg out sometimes, sometimes its just from plain combat alone so you have to pre kill everything, and sometimes you just have to let the npc do some dmg before killing the mob.

  3. I pre-killed everything, i let him hit first 2 raptors that spawn, the next 3 snakes when he casts something tends to bug him out, so i kill those somewhat quick (using aoe, because 1 shotting npc's seem to instantly bug him) but when he does arrive at NPC he is supposed to revive, he just kneels down and thats it, no waves of trash, nothing.
    Will try tomorrow again, thats the last Classic Dungeon missing in my list.

  4. July 1, 2018  
    Can confirm that this is still bugged. Ran through with a bunch of friends. The Tauren NPC just kneeled down and did not move. I dragged a raptor from outside and polymorphed him into attacking the NPC. It forced him to change to his casting animation but that was all. No hostile mobs spawned and the event never progressed.

  5. July 2, 2018  
    Pretty much given up on this for the moment, tried multiple times, no real results.

  6. This still bugged... im trying it now, and this Tauren donīt do anything...
    So please fix thix, thanks.

  7. its bugged from a long long time /more than 6 months/ like the ****ty loot from ragnaros in molten core and the boss that dissapear in zul aman
    all of them are in bugtracker but nothing more

  8. The dungeon was working as late as March of this year (2018), according to the most recent achievement-get of WC on my account. I'm not sure what happened but the NPC will start, walk a bit, then after the first pack of raptors, he starts sprinting everywhere instead of walking, mobs spawn instantly instead of how it's scripted to be, and when he gets to the chamber where the final boss is, he just kneels and does nothing.

    It was broken prior to march as well, but at least back then it was DOABLE/Scripting worked well enough that the waves of mobs would spawn, followed by the boss.

  9. I need to run my server and see if it exists on that and try to replicate the bug, see if we can't expedite the fix..

  10. Still bugged waited for 20 min but npc just kneeled down and didn't do anything, I was able to do it in the end buy pulling a mob to him, that started the event hope it helps.

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