1. 6 Days Ago  

    after serving GM spam of malicious sending

    Standing in ogrymar, the character spammed about unplanned 100 koinas by going after the sending.

    there was an input from other ip check, where it has been sent more than 7500 - 7900 gold

    I ask the GM membership, to track where the gold was sent, on which character, I am sure that I have not gone over the link alone.

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  2. 6 Days Ago  
    You got caught in a phishing scam, hacked and that's it. Change your password and be more careful where you log in to.
    That was not a real GM.
    How do you even fall for something like that?

  3. 6 Days Ago  
    Should add server message warning people of this kind of scam.

    @OP for the love of what is holy, clean your chat addon. That looks horrible

  4. 6 Days Ago  
    I was stolen 7,900 gold, GM can trace where they were sent? in order to block accounts where gold is sent? !

    How to contact GM? Can they help me?
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  5. 6 Days Ago  
    Open an ingame ticket. That's where all game related complaints go.

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