To quickly summarize true question;

All gear that is in shop is obtainable in game for Icecrown realm.
There are some cosmetic items that are not possible to obtain due to expansion/etc/card game items.

Lordaeron realm contains only cosmetic items, however you can purchase a character of trade section that has already gear on him provided by seller.

Outland realm has shop gear one tier behind the current raid tier. In this case Zul'Aman and Black temple are not on the shop yet (from insight it is pending soon when SWP patch hits on 7th July).

There is no P2W items as all items on shop are equal to the items in game. You are just cutting grinding time.

As for Shadowmourne quest it is fully obtainable via quest ( will take you 2-3 months). Same goes for Valanyr.
" when SWP patch hits on 7th July"
where has the staff said this?all i seen is s3 end july 7th i seen nothing about s4/sunwell starting then