1. Just started here, and its AWESOME. But i still have a few qs


    Me and a Group of Friends got tired of playing wotlk all the time and don't like newer expansions. So after a short run on MOP we decided to take our 10 man guild to outland. If we can clear kara and at some point maybe ZA we would be happy enough. 3 Days later, currently leveling up my first char on a TBC realm since retail, I can only say: BEST DECISION EVER.

    The whole game feels completely different. Even with the 5x Rate everything feels slower. professions are actually helpful again and a lot harder to max out. But if you get something done, it feels so much better, more rewarding. Iím really getting a backflash to my earliest days on retail BC. I was 14 Years old and a total noob back then, but I enjoyed the game so much and got stuck with it. Actually, I currently have to remind myself to play a little bit less because Iím into it a little bit too much. (And with a job and family there is not the time to play 5+ hours a day)
    I read a lot of complaints about the community but besides the occasional gank in stranglethorn I havenít experienced a more helpful community in wow in years. Random people are buffing me, groups invts for special quest mobs, players just helping each other out. I also have met a LOT of german speaking players, which is a nice perk as it is my first language.

    What Iím still afraid of:
    I donít know where to start after hitting lvl 70. I really was a noob back thenand after a few weeks of bgs and questing WOTLK got released, so I never saw any relevant end game content.
    I know I have to farm reputation. I know I have to farm 5-man instances to get good enough gear to farm 5-man hc instances to get good enough gear to farm kara. But how do I do this ?

    So does someone have a link to a good starting guide for TBC? There are a lot out there but which applies best to the current patch and warmane specific differences.
    Speaking of differences, are there any major ones? Anything buggy or different than on retail?

    Iím currently searching for a in depth guide on what to do.
    Like which fraction is the first one to farm. Which daily quests are really important and which one are only there for getting gold. What is the fastest way to gear up my Warlock to get enough gear to do HCs. How do I farm the reputation to get the keys? And so on.

    Should I ďinvestĒ some coins in a critical item from the shop? If yes, which item should I get.

    I appreciate any help that I may get from you. Thank you!

  2. You should run normal dungeons to get honored then do the same dungeons in heroic mode. And when you get decent gear from dungeons, and professions / quests, you should go to Karazhan.

  3. There's quite a few guides on youtube on where to get decent enough quest gear to get into dungeons. And there are quite a few quest items that you will be using even in kara because of how good they are.
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