1. 70-79 Arena

    Arena on 70-79.
    We have great community here. So i asking myself is it possible to bring arena like on 80 to the 79 lvl(on rating)?
    What will it give to us?
    1 - A4 sets (except DK) for everyone
    2 - lots of fun instead of bg
    3 - more active players on the brecket.

    What is your thoughts guys?

  2. Maybe they will fix arena team make bug in next 10 years more patience pls :D

  3. wtb hex @ 78

    Otherwise shaman isn't worth queuing 2s with

  4. There are at least two people on 79 that will likely queue skirmishes on Horde. Maybe more. Otherwise, it's like Crymore said, some classes miss their core abilities. Therefore, it's better to just go 80 if you are mostly into arenas. If questing is a burden to you, there is always Blackrock realm.

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