I've played in Warmane's Lordaeron on and off since 2015. Like many dedicated players, I am passionate about the community. What I've noticed in the past couple of months is that the Alliance "lacks direction." That's right. The realm was initially designed to be progressive, but now that many players have killed the Lich King, everybody seems to be going in the motions.

PvP is one aspect of the game I'd like to work on. It is known that the Alliance in this realm is a little inferior to PvP compared to the more popular Horde (though you could argue about arenas). The Horde are also notorious of making rounds in Duskwood and Redridge, while Alliance players can't seem to get their game on in fighting back. It's not that their apathetic, it's the lack of organization. In fact, I haven't encountered any pure PvP guilds lately at all.

I want to revitalize the server's Alliance side with (1) organized pvp and a (2) zealous gimmick. <The Alliance Council> is a roleplaying guild acting as the faction's official administrative body.

- The guild is open to lvl 80s only. Must be serious either in RP, PvP or both.

- Roleplaying style is loose, very loose. In fact, we wouldn't need to adhere the lore or use fancy emotes. This is a way to make RP flexible in heated battles (and eliminate unnecessary drama which plagued RP guilds in the distant past).

- There will be regular Orgrimmar raids in the future once we build up the guild.

- Lots of world pvp. Ganking is a necessary psychological warfare and population control.

- Weekly meetings.

- Members from other guilds can also join the guild's activities. As a council, it's our way of uniting the Alliance. Our objective is to get closer with guild leaders and senior officers.

- To join, you need to properly introduce yourself first. If you can provide a short character bio, I'd be happy to read it. You could reply to this post, send an in-game mail, or have a conversation with me in-game. My char's name is Adramolech.

- I am most active between 14:00-18:00 ST. I never play during peak hours. And I play almost everyday.