1. [H] <Neverwinter> LF Raiders - 25m and 10m Content

    Hello, Neverwinter was formed on March 12th 2018 with ambitions of doing 25m Heroic LK. Currently June 25th, 2.5 months later; we have two 10m teams and a solid 25m team. We're looking for more raiders, mostly ranged DPS and a Druid Tank. Working to get the best composition we can and up the DPS of the raid as a whole. 8-9k+ is what we're looking for
    Our first 10m team raids on Sundays with continuations on Monday sometimes. The second 10m team runs on Fridays with continuations on Saturday sometimes. 25m Raid days are Thursday and Tuesday. All raids start invites at 1830 server time, 1900 start pulling boss and end raid is 2200 server. We provide flasks, feasts, guild repairs and potions however, we encourage all raiders to bring any consumables they can.

    -Current Progression-
    10m ICC: 11/12
    25m ICC: 7/12
    10m RS: 4/4
    25m RS: 3/4
    --> All content prior to ICC has been cleared by full guild raids

    We're looking for dedicated and loyal people that was to progress and push content as a guild.

    The guild runs about 70% EU and 30% US ...we don't care what your nationality is or where you're from, as long as you can communicate and give your 110% what more could we ask for? Well, there is more we will ask for. We do run world of logs and do check peoples performance, good luck

    We're looking for about 5.3k+ GearScore, so we can put you onto a team and see how you are from day 1. Waiting for people to level and get geared isn't really what we're searching for here. If this is what YOU WANT and you think you have what it takes, respond to this post or find us in game.

    -Who to find in game?-
    Cheddar, Eisig, Lannyster, Rennies or Withdrawls

    Thanks for the interest
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  2. im shadow priest 6.1 of spec discipline 36 years old from macedonia if u need s priests in g il be glad to inv me ty

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