1. Twinking on Icecrown?

    Are there any active brackets on icecrown at all??

  2. Twink bracket 19 and 79 on Lordaeron are only ones active on all realms/servers/expansions atm
    Edited: June 27, 2018

  3. there is 19 twink bracket that is somewhat active on Icecrown, aswell as a few 60s but yeah it's "organized bg" that happens. I believe 19s has a discord where they @ everyone to get bgs pop and 60s it's only arenas and sometimes bg through the week end. Cross bg realm will make things easier for every bracket on both Lordaeron & Icecrown. So if you want to make a char on ICC on whatever bracket, do it I'm pretty confident you'll have active bgs once cross bg realm hits

  4. Really naive to think crossrealm will ever happen. there's legacy servers around the corner + they are working on sunwell. and Lordaeron is alive and well and that was the main reason to make the xrealm in the first place. best suggestion is simply go make a character on Lordaeron the community always wants to help it's just about settling down

  5. Well, for 19s Icecrown is active, as you can see on this screenshot. Both side has a "leader" and an active guild. https://imgur.com/a/bD3b0yC
    Of course 19s Lordaeron will remain more active due to x1 rate and lvlers being able to fill up bgs but yeah, it can be a good bet to try it out if you don't have enough time to farm everything x1

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