Eternal Memories, a Horde guild, established in the beginning of April 2018 on Lordaeron, is looking for new members!
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We are primarily recruiting specific roles for our main 10m raiding team, that will start progression in ICC!
- Paladin/Druid/Warrior - TANK
- Mage
- Rogue
In order to establish a complete roster, we are looking for some additional roles too (reply on this post, or /w one of the officers as mentioned down below in-game for more information)
Momentarily, our 10m team raids on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 18:00 ST.
We have ambitions to progress ICC 10m all the way up to the LK, with a 25m team and a second 10m team potentially in the works.
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Current progression (as full guild runs):
- OS10: 1/1
- Naxx10: 11/15
- Ulduar10: 5/13
- TOC10: 5/5
- ONYX10: 1/1
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We are looking for dedicated and loyal members that want to progress as a guild. We are primarily EU-based, but everyone is welcome!
What are we looking for in raiding members?
- Commitment
- Able to communicate in English (having discord is a must, microphone is optional)
- Patient
- Collectively minded
- +5.2k GS

If you do not have the required GS, but still want to join the guild because you think you have it in you to grow into a full fledged raiding guild member, either give us your motivation below or /w an officer in-game.

- Who to whisper in-game? -
Alaelei, Durzag, Faen, Noofi, Spademan
Take into account that it may be possible no officer is online at the time of whispering, if that is the case, just reply to this post and someone will respond asap.

Thanks for the interest and the best of luck!
The Eternal Memories team